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Yoga & Visual Culture Symposium: Registration

Explore yoga's histories, meanings, transformations, and practices through the lens of visual culture at this public symposium. Twenty years ago, yoga was largely understood as a monolithic and unchanging tradition. While today we have a far richer understanding of yoga's historical transformations and trans-sectarian manifestations, visual culture-ranging from sectarian, court, and popular imagery to architecture and photography-remains its least-explored archival resource.

Over a three-day period, seventeen scholars from a range of disciplines will present new research on diverse aspects of yoga's visual culture. Six symposium sessions are organized around topics such as "Yoga and Place" and "Yoga and Print Culture." Individual paper presentations will alternate with discussions and time to explore the landmark Sackler exhibition Yoga: The Art of Transformation.

Registration for the Yoga and the Visual Culture symposium is closed. All seats are currently filled. To be placed on the waiting list, please email Yogawaitlist@si.edu. We will contact you on Wednesday, November 20, with your registration status.

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