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Yoginis, Goddesses, and Art


The first yogini cover girl emerged long before today's glossy magazines. In 1937, LOOK magazine featured the wild-haired Koringa, a circus performer billed as the "only female yogi," who performed death-defying feats before enthralled audiences throughout the United States and Europe. The exhibition Yoga: The Art of Transformation reveals this and other tales of exceptional women in yoga, from fierce yogini goddesses and female gurus to Koringa's fascinating career.

Learn more about Koringa and her yogic predecessors in a new video and on the Bento blog, and support our crowdfunding campaign to bring them together in one monumental exhibition!

Haven’t heard about Yoga: The Art of Transformation and our crowdfunding campaign? Learn more.

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She danced with snakes and defied crocodiles—and now she’s online! Koringa takes over "Together We're One" this week. Find out more about the "world’s only female fakir" from the 1930s, who was actually a dancer from Bordeaux with a vivid imagination. Check out Bento and follow Koringa on Facebook and Twitter. Turn yourself and your friends into Koringa look-alikes, and post your Koringa-fied portrait with the hashtag #artofyoga!


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video: WOMEN + YOGA + ART

Stunning stories of women's presence in yoga are revealed in this new video for Yoga: The Art of Transformation. Discover a rare stone goddess from the tenth century and a female guru and her dreadlocked young disciple that date to the seventeenth century—and learn the secret identity of Koringa!  


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WHOLE FOODS MARKET® continues as a matching donor for the "Together We're One" campaign through July 1. WHOLE FOODS MARKET® will match your donation dollar for dollar up to $70,000, bringing us ever closer to our goal of $125,000!

As purveyors of natural and organic foods with a commitment to health and community outreach, WHOLE FOODS MARKET® is proud to support Yoga: The Art of Transformation. Donate now!



On Friday, June 21, join thousands of other yoga lovers and our campaign promotional partner Solstice in Times Square for a free all-day yoga festival. Celebrate the summer solstice, and find bliss in the middle of one of New York City's busiest intersections.

On Saturday, June 22, exhibition curator Debra Diamond speaks on "The Art of Yoga" at Wanderlust Vermont, running June 20-23.

If you're interested in becoming a Yoga Messenger, a promotional partner, or hosting a benefit event, please email


Image Credits (top to bottom):

Detail, Mystery girl: why can’t she be killed?; Look Magazine; USA, Iowa, Des Moines, September 28, 1937; Private Collection. Detail, Koringa; W. E. Barry Ltd., Bradford, United Kingdom, ca. 1938; Print; Victoria and Albert Museum, S.128-1994. Detail, Yogini on Owl; India, Uttar Pradesh, Kannauj, ca. 1000-1050 CE; Sandstone; San Antonio Museum of Art, purchased with the John and Karen McFarlin Fund and Asian Art Challenge Fund, 90.92. Whole Foods Market® Logo. Detail, Yogini; India, Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram, ca. 900-975; Metagabbro; Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Gift of Arthur M. Sackler, S1987.905.

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